Tuesday, October 31, 2006


With thoughts of the Detroit Tigers and St. Louis Cardinals long behind us, Major League Baseball embarks on it's annual sea of free agency. Among the players to most likely to land the biggest contracts are Barry Zito, Jeff Weaver, and Greg Maddux. All players the Blue Jays likely SHOULD have interest in, but of course won't be able to afford. It looks like the Yankees may have found the answer to their starting rotation problems, and my prediction is that Barry Zito will for sure be the stud on the Yankee's rotation before Christmas.

The Blue Jays on the other hand have alot of questions to answer on their roster. They did some house-cleaning back in August, and cleaned out alot of salary cap room by getting rid of Hillenbrand and Hinske. That leaves them with a couple of holes on the field and lineup, and they've also lost both Zaun and Molina to free-agency. Since the Blue Jays have a hard-on for ancient batcatchers who are far past their prime, it looks like they'll either re-sign Molina, or go after someone like Piazza. Both are probably a bad decision, but who am I to say. I think J.P. Ricardi has done a fine job so far with the Blue Jays considering the division they play in, and the budget he is given. Hopefully he can make some quality signings again this year like the ones he made last year in Troy Glaus, Lyle Overbay, and B.J. Ryan. All those guys paid big dividends.

And J.P. Riccardi, if you're reading, follow this advice:

1. You should have never let O-dog go. Even for Glaus. Go out and do whatever it takes to get him back. God knows our middle infield needs it.

2. Carlos Delgado not only deserves a World Series, but he deserves one in Toronto. Go get em.

3. If we could posssilby get our hands on someone like Bernie Williams, he could do alot to help a young team like the Jays.

That's all I got.

Leafs SUCK

Sunday, October 29, 2006


I recognize this blog has been mostly filled with NFL football, and spots of NHL hockey here and
there, but I promise this blog is actually dedicated to sports, and sports of all kinds. So that means no bowling, NASCAR, or POKER!!! Oh, and unless the Riders win the Grey Cup, no CFL football, cause it's about as entertaining as high school football.

Now, the NHL has left little to the appetite as it has easily quenched the fan's need for action and great storylines. One of the greatest storylines of the year has been the story of the Buffalo Sabres. They have been a team that four years ago was struggling, and looked like there was no light at the end of the tunnel. But, with some rule changes, and some key roster changes, the Buffalo Sabres now find themselves sitting atop the NHL as the team with the best record. Not only do they have the best record, but they have set an NHL record as the second team to start a season 10-0. Congrats Buffalo, I think everyone can recognize that you deserve it.

Now to my favorite story of the week. If you dont find anything about the NFL entertaining, please at least watch ANY of the videos you can find of this guy. He's hilarious, and a personal favorite of mine. Ocho Cinco, you're my hero. Check the link for a classic CJ clip.


Find "Chad Johnson on NFL Total Access via Bengals Cam"

That's all I got.

Leafs SUCK


As I watch football weekly, I can't help but find myself absolutely despising players. There's a few players out there who just bust my hump. They've got attitude, and they've got swagger, and they're constantly annoying me with their antics, and often times handle bar moustaches. Here's a list of my top 5 hated guys in the NFL.

1. Jared Allen - Kansas City Cheifs

This guy starts in the bad books, as he's a Cheif. This guy thinks he's absolutely amazing, and owns San Diego's O-line everytime they play. That's a good enough reason to hate him without seeing this picture.

2. Dallas Clark - Indianapolis Colts

You might know this queer for his antics on the field, and his TD catch against the Steelers last year. Basically, he's the epitomy of a coat tail rider. He sucks. And look at that awful facial hair.

3. Jerry Porter - Oakland Raiders

Does anyone remember when Jerry Porter was good? No. So Porter shut your pie hole, remember that your NOT T.O., and be grateful you have a job, and that your not a crack dealer in Harlem like your cousin Jabril.

4. Eli Manning - New York Giants

This peice of white trash had the audacity to walk away from the Chargers and demand a trade to the Giants. To the GIANTS of all teams. What a flaming homosexual. (Side note: This picure was titled "Eli Manning is a douche". Couldn't have named it better myself.)

5. Micheal Irvin - ESPN Sports

Remember the good ol' days Mike, when a it was fine for a nigga to carry a few grams of Coke with em? Yeah me too. Sure would have been nice if you didn't caught hey? Have you ever watched this guy on the ESPN pre-game shows Sunday? I've never found someone so unentertaining, and so uneducated all at the same time. He should be taken behind a local barn and whooped with leather belt.

That's all I've got.

Leafs SUCK

Saturday, October 28, 2006


First off, let me apologize for missing week 7. I know the masses of "Burnsy's Baryard Animals" fans were heartbroken and acosted. However, I'm back for week 8, and I'm back with a vengeance.
I'd like to first look back at the Chargers loss in Arrowhead to the Cheifs in Week 7. Extremely heart-breaking for myself, but I must admit that I thought it may be coming. The Chargers have played awful in Arrowhead recently, and more importantly LT has played TERRIBLE there. I don't know if it's the field, or the fans, or that "Cheif" atmosphere, but these Pilgrims play terrible there. Onward and Upward though, and we should win at home against the Rams.
Here's my picks for the week, and if you're a gambler, I'm gonna give you the call for the Pro-line.

Prediction Pro Line

Arizona (3.20)(3.60)(1.70) Green Bay Green Bay Tie
Atlanta (3.20)(3.60)(1.70) Cincinatti Cincinatti Win
Baltimore (2.75)(3.20)(2.00) New Orleans New Orleans Tie
Houston (2.75)(3.20)(2.00) Tennessee Houston Tie
Jacksonville (3.60)(3.90)(1.55) Philly Philly Win
Seattle (3.45)(3.80)(1.60) Kansas City Kansas City Win
San Fran (7.00)(6.25)(1.05) Chicago Chicago Win
Tampa Bay (5.30)(4.60)(1.30) Giants Giants Win
St. Louis (4.80)(4.40)(1.35) San Diego San Diego Tie
Indianapolis (2.75)(3.20)(2.00) Denver Indy Tie
Jets (2.45)(3.00)(2.30) Cleveland Jets Tie
Pittsburgh (1.30)(4.60)(5.30) Oakland Pittsburgh Win
Dallas (3.20)(3.60)(1.70) Carolina Carolina Tie
New England (2.00)(3.20)(2.75) Vikings New England Win

There ya go. There's your picks, and now you can make your money too.

Leafs SUCK

Saturday, October 14, 2006


Well, the NFL certainly hasn't disappointed, unlike other sports institutions (HNIC, ie previous post). The past 5 weeks have been full of exciting action, great story lines, and all the T.O. you can handle. The Bears have become the team to love, and the action in their games has renewed unknown love for the NFL. The Saints have shocked and surprised and become the team America loves (but won't give hurricane aid to), and the Steelers have crapped the preverbial bed with their not so impressive 1-3 start. Anyways, this week is bound to be a great week again, with some close matchups. This week's picks have been hard to make, but here they are.

Chargers over 49ers. ( of course)

Bills over Lions
Ravens over Panthers
Bengals over Bucs
Cowboys over Texans
Falcons over Giants
Eagles over Saints
Seahawks over Rams
Skins over Titans
Steelers over Cheifs
Jets over Dolphins
Bronco's over Raiders (how on earth did this game make the primetime game?)
Bears over Cards


Let me just start by saying, Cassie Campbell insults each and every Canadian citizen with each breath she takes. This evening, I had the unfortunate luck of not being able to watch Hockey Night in Canada (HNIC). However, this evening as i settled into my couch, and checked hockey scores, I noticed an article on my sports homepage. The article's headline read, "Cassie Campbell makes history as HNIC analyst". Curiously, I clicked the link, hoping I wouldn't read the expected. My hopes were strewn about, and broken as I slowly read that Cassie Campbell had been a color commentator for HNIC. I find this sickening, that someone with as little actual hockey experience as Campbell has would be allowed to commentate, let alone show her face on a sacred ceremony like HNIC. I can hear the feminist asking me now, "But Matt, Cassie Campbell has loads of hockey experience. She won our country a gold medal in hockey!". That's garbage. We all know that the Olympic Committee has been misnaming women's hockey for decades. It's not actually hockey, it is more like Ringette, a sport that has been freely given to women by hockey world. So, maybe until HNIC becomes RNIC (Ringette Night In Canada), Cassie Campbell should keep herself away from the CBC studio. That's all I've got.

Leafs SUCK.

Saturday, October 07, 2006


Well, no amount of smack was gonna save my Chargers from a loss last week. I'll give props where they're due, and I have to pay dues to the Baltimore DST, and also to Steve McNair who had a stellar performance. The Chargers were unable to control the clock in the 4th quarter, and ended up losing because of it. Anyways, this week as they look towards the crippled Steelers, a win looks to be in the cards. Along with this game, I'll also make my other picks for the week.

Chargers over Steelers

Bears over Bills
Panters over Browns
Vikings over Lions
Pats over Dolphins
Rams over Packers
Saints over Bucs
Colts over Titans
Giants over Skins
Cardinals over Cheifs
Jags over Jets
49ers over Raiders
Eagles over Cowboys
Ravens over Broncos

We'll see how that turns out. If you've got the sack to anti up, respond to this post, and place your picks too.

Sunday, October 01, 2006


I'm lazy, cause I've spent the weekend as a part of a wedding party. But I've still managed to put aside 10 minutes at 3 am to make my picks for the week. I live to please.

Here's the picks:

Falcons over Carinals
Dallas over Titans
Colts over the Jets
Dolphins over Texans
Bills over the Vikings
Carolina over the Saints
Chargers over the Ravens
Cheifs over 49ers (cheifs still suck tho)
St. Louis over Detroit
Browns over Raiders
Jaguars over Skins
Bengals over Pats
Bears over Seahawks
Eagles over Green Bay.

I'm right. I know I am. Especiall for the Chargers.