Monday, November 20, 2006


Well it's about that time of year. The time of year where many of you will hop off the Steelers bandwagon, and either rejoin the Colts bandwagon you rode for most of last year, or find a new team. May I make a suggestion? The Chargers bandwagon might be a nice choice. I'm sure it will be filling up quickly, so you might want to grab your spot early so that you have more "cred" than the other bandwagon jumpers.

The Chargers are an outstanding 8-2, just like most of my fantasy teams, and it's for a good reason. They have the best player in the league in their backfield in LaDainian Tomlinson. (Ok, that's arguable. What's not is whether or not he's the best back in the league, cause he definately is that.) They have a blossoming quarterback in Philip Rivers, who this week was mentioned in the same breath as Joe Montana. Not bad company for a rookie quarterback noone gave any credit to at the beginning of the season. The Chargers have a defense that has allowed a lot of points recently, but is also missing players such as Merriman, Foley, Phillips, Castillo, and during their last game had drives where they lost McCree, Cromartie, and Edwards. When this D gets healthy (right around playoff time) they're going to be dominant just like they were at the beginning of the season.

So, now that you've been convinced, sign your name up and get on the bandwagon early, cause the Chargers are here to stay.

That's all I've got.


Anonymous Misty said...

Your flighty girlfriend just realized that you end every entry with "Taht's all I got"... I pay attention to detail...

1:25 PM  
Blogger Chillifrost said...

I agree. You can't hold being flighty against Misty anymore.

See for my thoughts on the Chargers, particularly Rivers.

5:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You make reading FUN!!

7:41 PM  
Blogger b00erns said...

Chilli frost, Rivers is great, but I think a huge part of his success is dependant on LT, and the O-line he has in front of him. He can also play with confidence, knowing that he's got a decent D on the other side of the ball too. What I would personally like to see Rivers improve on, is his ability to get Gates the ball. Gates is probably the best TE in the NFL, but has become a non-threat because Gates check's down on LT instead of Gates.
I do like him though, and get excited thinking about the future he has with my Chargers. Imagine if we had kept Brees like I thought we should have. Who knows where his 4th quarter catastrophe's would have gotten us.

10:22 PM  
Blogger Hendy said...

Though I tend to agree with you that Rivers is the real deal, and that the chargers are a solid team, I believe they will fold in the playoffs. LT has been the primary reason for sucess this year (which is totally fair). I don't think RIvers will have the experience come playoff time to lead them to a title this year.. but who knows.. this time next year I bet I'll have a different opinion on the matter

8:10 PM  
Anonymous Mist said...

Even randoms agree to my flightiness... how lovely.

9:36 PM  

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