Wednesday, November 01, 2006


10 years ago the NHL was a struggling league. Officiating was struggling, goal scoring was down, and they just just resolved a lockout that seemed to destroy the league. We've just passed another lockout, but this time the league seems to have come back full swing. The game is more exciting, the officiating much tighter, and goal scoring is higher than it used to be. However, I think the most impressive thing about the current NHL is the development of young talent, and the amount of young talent that currently exists in the league.

For years the NHL seemed to struggle to develop talent. There seemed to be a core group of players and a select number of superstars that dominated the league. They were an upper echelon and a group set apart. Players like Joe Sakic, Peter Forsberg, Steve Yzerman, Mike Modano, and Ray Bourque, just to name a few. Highly touted rookies would enter the league, but would soon fizzle, or take three to four years to develop into a quality NHL player. These days though, it seems new superstars are born each year. We've had players like Crosby, Ovechkin, and Malkin enter the league and instantly dominate, and that's obvious to all. But we've also had players like Marek Svatos, Brad Boyes, and Jussi Jokinen become great players out what seems like nowhere. It's especially exciting to watch the game, and especially if you're a fan of a team that seems to be "rebuilding", because there is real legitimacy in rebuilding. Teams can actually develop talent through the draft without having to wait 5-10 years before being a contender.

So NHL, off comes my hat to you. Not so much Gary Bettman, cause he's a douche bag, but NHL, props to you.

That's all I got.

Sidenote: Wanna vote for the NHL MVP? Click HERE


Anonymous Mist said...

I can't say much, being as I know nothing about sports... but I can say I'm not a fan of the new rules...But what do I know.

11:42 PM  
Blogger Luke said...

I love what they've done with the NHL.

I'm now more than ever convinced than ever that "Salary Caps" are the best thing to ever happen to sport.

I love the new NHL (except that my beloved flames are sucking ass right now) because IT'S competitive, and that's interesting

8:16 AM  
Blogger b00erns said...

I totally agree. Salary Caps are great for sports. The NFL has really good parity in it's league because of the Salary Cap, and were starting to see that in the NHL now. If only the Major's would institute one, then we'd be set.

7:01 PM  
Blogger 2 FN LO said...

Salary Caps have their place no doubt. However mandatory unrestricted free agencey blows.

Teams like Pittsburg, who hardly stay afloat as it is, all are at risk of losing Malkin, Crosby, and Staal within 2 years of each other. This will all occur right when they hit their primes at 25 and after the team has invested time, money and effort into their development. Not to mention the fans who have bought jerseys, memrobilia and whatnot.

So in some cases, hats on to the NHL, hats on.

12:17 AM  
Blogger Hendy said...

Couldn't agree more with your post, and for once in my life.. I have to agree with 2 fn lo, mandatory unrestricted free agency does blow. Not that I'm a fan of Pittsberg, but I think it's exciting to watch those guys play together, and I hope it continues for a few years. Also, I hope they bring in a cap on the MLB so the Yankees can return to blowing goats like they did in the early 90

10:37 PM  

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