Friday, January 12, 2007

Division Playoffs

You know what drives me nuts?

Patriots hype.

Your team goes out there and works hard all year. They overcome injuries, suspensions, offensive adversity, and come out with a league best record of 14-2. They go to the playoffs, and enjoy that hard-earned week off. They entertain the media for two weeks, and spend time preparing for their next opponent. Meanwhile some Wild Card games get played, and four teams beat 4 teams that shouldn't have been in the playoff's to begin with. After they do this, they get crowned the next Superbowl Champion.

Now, I'm not stupid, and I'm rarely so ignorant it causes blindness, so I'll admit that Tom Brady, Brian Belicheck and the New England Patriots have historically done very well in the playoffs. In fact, Brady has the best record by a quaterback in the playoffs EVER. He's only lost once. That's impressive. Now, I don't mind giving props where they're due, and I certainly don't mind giving credit to the New England Patriots. However, I listen to alot of NFL Radio, and I read ALOT about NFL playoff football, and all I see is people talking about how good the Patriots are, and how easily they will beat the Chargers this week.

It angers me to no end, that NOONE give the Chargers any credit. People seemed to have forgot about the NFL MVP, and the BEST REGULAR SEASON RECORD. This team is no slouch, and while I'm not going to tell you that they are going to handle the Patriots with ease, they deserve to be given the edge on this "re-tooled", "re-built" Patriots team.

San Diego is NOT the New York Jets (who the Pats struggled with for 3 quarters last week). Their pass rush is far better (#1 in the NFL), their secondary is completely healthy (the Jets were missing 2 starters) and their offense is no slouch either (#4 in the NFL). Oh, and don't forget about our running attack (#1 in the NFL).

Sure, we've got a rookie quarterback who has never played a playoff game in the NFL, and sure we've got Coach Schottenheimer (Marty-ball) who is 5-12 in the playoffs, but first off, I've heard the inexperience card played against Rivers earlier this year, before the season started. Well, I guess they weren't totally right on that one. And it's easy to forget that Marty lost most of his playoff games to a significant quarterback who played in Denver. You may know him- John Elway.

All I want is for the Chargers to be shown a little respect. I'm not claiming that they will walk all over the Pats this weekend, but I do think they will win. Can someone just agree with me?

That's all I got, and here's my weekend picks:

Eagles @ Saints = Saints

Seahawks @ Bears = Bears

Colts @ Ravens = Ravens

Pats @ Chargers = Chargers

Friday, January 05, 2007


Expect the most this weekend as you tune your T.V. in to the NFL wild card games. They should be good ones, and should spark some heat. Since it's been so long since I've posted, I thought I should at least get something in print for the wind down of the NFL while I've still got something to write about. Let me go over the matchups for this weekend, and make some picks.

Rather than bore you with Chargers propoganda, let me tell you exactly who IS going to show up this weekend, and who is NOT going to show up this weekend.

Cheifs @Colts

In this matchup there are two things for sure: One of them being that the Colts absolutely DO NOT have a run defense. The other being that the only thing the Cheifs do well on offense is RUN THE BALL. Despite my hatred for him, Larry Johnson WILL show up this weekend, and should have a hay day running the ball against the Colts. The Colts D is fast, but small, and struggles to make tackles in the open field, and you guessed it, that's where LJ is strongest. Peyton Manning may be one of the best QB's to ever play the game, but Payton is a whopping 3-6 in the playoff's and for some reason struggles to play past Week 17. Don't expect much from him either, as the Cheifs secondary has proven to be strong with the presence of Ty Law this year. There isn't a better matchup for the Cheifs in the 2007 playoffs. They won't do much past this game, but expect a win from the Cheifs in this one.

Jets @ Patriots

"Mangenius" and the Jets stole one from the Pats earlier this year, and have shocked the NFL world by even making the playoffs this year. They strolled into week 17, only having to beat the lowly Oakland Raiders to make their first playoff appearance in ages. They did that, and now it's anyone's guess how they'll do now that they're in the big show. My hopes are high, and my underdog side is rooting for the Jets but you really can't pick them to beat the seasoned veterans that the Patriots are. Under the coaching of Belicheck and the leadership of Brady, the Pats will walk over the Jets. The Pats secondary is strong enough, even without Harrison to stop the air attack of the Jets, and the running game isn't much to talk about in New York. Despite the Pats struggles at home this year, they're bound to play well in this one, cause well... it's the playoffs and that's what the Pats do best. Pats beat the Jets.

Cowboys @ Seahawks

When your coach is Bill Parcell's and your lady is Jessica Simpson, you shouldn't have much to complain about. Oh wait, but you have T.O. for a receiver. Well, you win some you lose some. Tony Romo faces an old, beat up and weak secondary in the Seahawks this week. Hasslebeck and Alexander have looked rusty all year, and are yet to find their step. Expect the Cowboys to put up alot of points on the Seahawks early, and take the noisy crowd of Seattle out of it early. Alexander the not so great, and Hasslebeck will struggle to keep up, and will never overcome the Cowboys. Parcells wins, and for all those Eagles fans, you guessed it.. you might be able to play T.O. one more time this year.

Giants @ Eagles

Super Gay Garcia and the Eagles will trounce the Giants this week. Eli and his erratic throwing will produce turn overs, the Giants D that has been hurt all year will allow the Eagles to move the ball, and the Eagles will win. With the spirit of Vince Papale alive and strong, the Eagles will soar. Philly's D had it's struggles this year, but after McNabb went down, the D stepped up and has allowed just 15 pts per game in the past 5. The Giants have no leadership. None from Strahan, none from Eli, none from Tiki, and most of all, none from Coughlin. Coughlin is a joke. He has no job after the year, and regrettably, T.O. will get to face the Philly boys one more time, this year. Eagles beat the Giants.

Check em out, put some money down. I won't be wrong.

That's all i got.