Tuesday, October 31, 2006


With thoughts of the Detroit Tigers and St. Louis Cardinals long behind us, Major League Baseball embarks on it's annual sea of free agency. Among the players to most likely to land the biggest contracts are Barry Zito, Jeff Weaver, and Greg Maddux. All players the Blue Jays likely SHOULD have interest in, but of course won't be able to afford. It looks like the Yankees may have found the answer to their starting rotation problems, and my prediction is that Barry Zito will for sure be the stud on the Yankee's rotation before Christmas.

The Blue Jays on the other hand have alot of questions to answer on their roster. They did some house-cleaning back in August, and cleaned out alot of salary cap room by getting rid of Hillenbrand and Hinske. That leaves them with a couple of holes on the field and lineup, and they've also lost both Zaun and Molina to free-agency. Since the Blue Jays have a hard-on for ancient batcatchers who are far past their prime, it looks like they'll either re-sign Molina, or go after someone like Piazza. Both are probably a bad decision, but who am I to say. I think J.P. Ricardi has done a fine job so far with the Blue Jays considering the division they play in, and the budget he is given. Hopefully he can make some quality signings again this year like the ones he made last year in Troy Glaus, Lyle Overbay, and B.J. Ryan. All those guys paid big dividends.

And J.P. Riccardi, if you're reading, follow this advice:

1. You should have never let O-dog go. Even for Glaus. Go out and do whatever it takes to get him back. God knows our middle infield needs it.

2. Carlos Delgado not only deserves a World Series, but he deserves one in Toronto. Go get em.

3. If we could posssilby get our hands on someone like Bernie Williams, he could do alot to help a young team like the Jays.

That's all I got.

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Blogger LBomb said...

The Jays should pick up Van Helsing. He's a good Batcatcher.

4:23 PM  
Blogger b00erns said...

Van Helsing? Isn't he a medievil super hero?

9:54 PM  
Blogger Hendy said...

I think there was a movie about him. But seriously, we should sign Mike Piazza. I'm sure he isn't going to break the bank, and not only will he be a solid half time catcher (minus his throwing to second of course, but we've had Zaun with a weak arm for the past two years) but he'll be awesome to have around to DH. He played like 3/4's time last year and hit 23 home runs or something. I'm sure if we pencil him in at Catcher/DH he is capable of putting up 30 home runs and giving us another solid bat in the lineup to make up for the loss of guys like Molina, Hillenbrand and Hinske (who I'm still shocked turned out to be decent last year). I'd also love to have Bernie Williams, but I can't see him leaving his perennial playoff team for a Canadian Market. Sadly he's fallen from grace enough that I wouldn't even start him in our outfield, but I wouldn't mind having him around either way

10:47 PM  

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