Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Someone needs to fix this typo.

I started my day today with my usual paroosing of the internet. My home page is the not so unique www.msn.com . This page usually gives me what I'm looking for in news. It gives me 3 important headlines about local Canadian news, and then also gives me 3 headlines about sports that might be relevant to the Saskatchewan reader. Headlines about hockey, or the Roughriders, or the Blue Jays, or whatever. Now, as my close friends will confirm, I am anything BUT a perfectionist, but the typo I read today could not go uncorrected.

The headline read:
.."DiPietro inks 15 year deal"...

I am POSITIVE that this headline was SUPPOSED to read..
..."DiPietro wins 67.5M lottery"...

It's obvious to all that some random person located in, or somewhere near Long Island was awarded a 67.5 M lottery prize. This person is apparently Rick DiPietro. There is no way that he could have legitimately signed a contract that huge. DiPietro has done NOTHING in Long Island except lead the Islanders to consecutive losing seasons while splitting games with other goaltenders, one of which includes Garth Snow, the jackass who signed this deal with DiPietro.

Just to make sure I wasn't completely out to lunch on DiPietro's stats, I decided to go to the old faithful, www.hockeydb.com . If you haven't discovered this site yet, it is a gem for hockey stats on players from the NHL, right down to the WHL. Check it out sometime. Anyways, I checked DiPietro's stats, and this is how it pans out:

DiPietro, who is now 25, played his first season in the NHL in '00-'01 with the Islanders where he dominated the NHL with a record of 3 wins, 15 losses, and one tie. He also astounded onlookers with his amazing 3.49 GAA. To follow up this season of amazement, he spent two years with the Islanders AHL affiliate, Bridgeport Sound Tigers, where he led them to the playoffs ONCE. This was good enough to get him called back up to the bigs where he astounded the coaches again with his 2.97 GAA and 2-5-2 record. The following season he managed to stay in the big leagues and put up numbers of 23-18-5, with a 2.36 GAA, but ended up finishing the season with Bridgeport again. None the less, after a year of lockout, DiPietro comes to the big leagues and puts in his FIRST full NHL season, where he put up a record of 30-24-5, with a GAA of3.02. This is a decent season, especially with the Islanders, and for reasons not obvious to me, ensured a 67.5M 15 year deal from the Islanders.

I can almost say nothing, but to sit here in shock.

Til next time..


Blogger LBomb said...

Americans always seem to try and sensationalize their goalies. Just look at Mike Richter. And then run to the bathroom to loose explosive vomit.

12:32 PM  
Blogger Hendy said...

Yeah I was just gonna say the same thing Lbomb. Remember when Dan Blackburn was the GOALIE OF THE FUTURE in New York for the Rangers? I think I saw him bagging my fries at Mcdonalds last weekend

11:33 PM  
Blogger LBomb said...

No you didn't. Because he only has one hand...too soon??

11:24 PM  
Blogger LBomb said...

Oh yeah. Link me burnsy.

11:24 PM  

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