Monday, September 11, 2006

WEEK ONE: San Diego @ Oakland

I'm back. And I'm back with a swagger. And that's the way it should be when your team shuts out a division rival on the season opener. And I'm gonna go ahead and say that saying "shut out" just doesn't give justice to what the Bolts did to the Gayders, I mean Raiders tonight. San Diego defiled the Oakland offense, and embarrassed them infront of their home crowd. With an absolutely mind-boggling 9 sacks allowed, Oakland is lucky to have left the game with a healthy quarterback. Brooks was nailed 7 times, which further dwarfed his completion total, which was 6. It's embarrassing to every Oakland fan to even have to read that sentence. Seriously, what was Tom Walsh (Oakland off. coordinator) doing with his off-season? He definately wasn't preparing the offensive line, and seemed to have no game plan that included the ever dangerous Randy Moss. He didn't utilize the out of pocket speed of Brooks, and Lamont Jordan was almost a ghost and unseen the entire game. Meanwhile, while the Bolts had to ball, they ran it down Oakland's throats. LT2 racked up the numbers and stats, and did every one of those fantasy owners who picked him above the overrated LJ a huge favor and gave them the go ahead to boast over all the LJ lovers. How many yards did LJ have this week by the way? Doesn't really put him on pace for 2200 does it?
Since Drew Brees left SD this off-season, and Coach Marty and AJ Smith announced that Rivers would be the man behind centre in SD, the neigh sayers and critics have been all over Rivers. People can't stop talking about how Rivers hadn't started an NFL game, and how he was no Drew Brees. So, ok, forget the fact that Rivers broke the NCAA record for passing yards in his 4 years there, and that he was picked 4th overall in 2003, I just want to bring up one name: Ben Roethlisberger. Big Ben was picked 11th in 2003, 7 picks AFTER Rivers, and what has he done in Pittsburgh? Something about a Lombardi trophy. Rivers has all the potential to do the exact same thing in SD, and tonight he showed that. He didn't light the Oakland secondary up, but he controlled the ball well, and man is he ever good at handing it off to the REAL man, LT2.
This was an absolute dominantion by the Bolts tonight, and they've made me so proud of them.
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